10 tips for good rest

travel-tipsVacation: what may be better? It’s so long-expected time. And it doesn’t mean what season is now; more important is to rest well. Perhaps, it sounds strangely but most of us have forgotten how to rest.

Use the following 10 tips to make your vacation pleasant and get enough energy for work.
1. Listen to your feelings.
Prefer a kind of spending vacation which will give you new impressions and will be suitable to your possibilities. Think twice if it is really necessary to buy expensive trip tickets? Perhaps, you’ll get more pleasure if you go somewhere in the countryside and spend time gathering mushrooms or bathing in the river.
2. Avoid Internet, especially social networking sites.
Risk to rest without these things and you’ll be surprised how bright and rich usual life is.
3. Quality instead of speed
Slow-life is the possibility not to hurry up. Reduce the panic of “obligatory programme”. It is better to visit three museums instead of three ones, but get the brightest and the most unforgettable impressions.
4. Be wrapped up in process.
Try to get maximum pleasure from everything: waking up, mealtime, stroll, bathing, etc. You should enjoy the simplest typical things to be happy.
5. Rest “right now”
We are overwhelmed with daily routine and problems so we don’t notice what is happening around us. And due to this reason, it is difficult to relax during vacation. Look at the world around, feel the flavours and sounds, enjoy the atmosphere.
6. Go with your gut
It is not necessary to take thousands of photos and video to remember your rest. There are inner impressions: relaxing in hammock, flavor of fresh fruit and vegetables and evening fire. .. Unforgettable sunsets and dawns. Adrenaline rush when you’re climbing the mountains or jumping with parachute. Intoxicating and heady fresh air. Absorb these things completely and impressions will stay with you all the year round.
7. Remember of childhood
Children are able to be glad of the simplest things. Walk barefoot, make a sandcastle, enjoy stars in the night sky… Do everything to feel light-hearted kid.
8. Fall in love
Perhaps, it is exactly your time to find your soulmate. Be open-hearted, express your emotions. If you have already had your sweetheart fall in love with him again and make this vacation unforgettable.
9. Devote this time to your family
Far from everyday routine, finally you can to be with your children, family. Mutual games, cooking, talking at the fire – it will give a huge amount of positive emotions.
10. Prepare for weekdays
Lots of us have already known what is «after –rest syndrome”, when it is so hard to come back at work and concentrate on it. Look through your typical daily regimen and include simple but very useful moments of slow-life.
Often, we strive to spend vacation to the full but instead of happiness and lightness, we feel tiredness… Try to enjoy every day and you’ll see how amazing you rest will be.
About the author: Elizabeth Lee is the freelanced writer and rewriter. She creates interesting articles on different topics and can write my essay cheap, but her favourite one is “Health”. Also she is a professional translator and interpreter and currently she is working on translation of a novel.