Harvard Summer School Program

Summer goes by very quickly, that is why students don’t want any single minute to be wasted in vain. How to catch on all attractive opportunities and gain unforgettable and useful experience? If you are a high school student, the answer is simple: summer school.

You may have already tried one or heard about school programs offered by many universities all over the world since they are very popular among students and have become a regular practice long ago.  If not, further information may spark your interest.

Welcome to Harvard

Harvard is the legendary educational establishment with recognized red building, more than once shot in films, with its worldwide famous graduates, such as Barak Obama, George Bush, Mark Zuckerberg… and the reputation of being one of the most prestigious universities in the world. How does it feel to study at Harvard? Now you can find out, taking part in its summer school program.

It runs every year from mid-June to the beginning of August and welcomes high school students, university students, and adults to enrich their knowledge, meet new people and share valuable experience. I bet everyone would like to find oneself at such place as Harvard.

Harvard summer program: Boundless opportunities for students

There are hundreds of courses covering up to 60 subjects that you can take in terms of university summer school program. Each course is spelled out in details, which include its duration, schedule, and format of the classes. By the way, the diversity of formats is very rich, so you can choose between attending campus, study online or combine both variants. This what makes Harvard closer to all students even those from remote countries.

If you are determined to visit this illustrious university, you will be the lucky one to take on-campus courses held in historic buildings. The schedule is quite convenient with classes conducted twice or five times a week. Actually their frequency as well as number of credits depends upon the duration of the total course.

Some programs primarily worked out for attending lectures in person, now have an online version, which enables a student either to visit classes or to watch them online. What would you prefer?

If it were possible, I would definitely choose to see Harvard alive. Though for those who like I, can’t do it, there is purely online school program. You can watch video lections regularly updated  and enjoy the same quality of education.

Still, online connection will not replace human communication. Designers of Harvard school program hold the same opinion, therefore, they invented live web-conference courses. If you have special software designed to participate in web-conferences, count yourself fortunate. With its help, you can connect to virtual classes and communicate with other students. This is awesome!

Harvard school program offers invaluable experience, quality knowledge and opportunity to meet hundreds of interesting people. I guess it is worth applying for immediately.