Yale Summer Online

Hundreds of students dream of studying at Yale University, one more representative of the Ivy League. It is rightly considered to be the most beautiful one. This is the place where the wisdom of the past clashes with the progressiveness of the future, where stern and mystic Gothic style harmoniously coexists with careless urban buildings, where knowledge stored for years on end meets enthusiasm, energy and creativity of new generations.

Yale is a national asset of the USA, admired all over the country as well as far beyond its borders. Thousands of high school students have already added this university to their wishlists, and I guess many of them will be able to make their dreams come true.

 What does Yale have in store?

After the manner of many universities and colleges worldwide, Yale has adopted its own summer program aimed at boosting students’ knowledge, gaining new experience, inspiration and expanding the outlook. Every summer it opens the door to students from the four corners of the Earth who flock there being thirsty for knowledge and promising future.

Summer program of the university comprises courses for Yale students, those studying at other colleges, students taking their final year at school and adults. Summer session offered by Yale splits into autonomous programs, which in their turn are divided into more specific courses. Apart from traditional classes conducted directly on the premises of the university, there are available online ones, which enjoy still greater popularity among students.

Your online summer at Yale: Courses and schedule

Why do many students participate in online programs? Well, first it is convenient and secondly it is no less effective and beneficial than with ordinary courses taken in the grounds of the university.

To make quality training attainable for more students, Yale has developed online multi-disciplinary courses, which are conducted by university faculties and provide Yale credentials. By means of modern technologies classes are held virtually with weekly discussions, based on live communication between participants. Thus, students can share their knowledge, discuss topical questions and be assessed by Yale tutors and professors in the online mode.

Online sessions, as well as traditional Yale summer program, is divided into subjects according to students’ age and qualification. If you are, for instance, a pre-college student, not all programs will be available for you. In such a case, you can’t, for example, choose courses on corruption, data analysis, human mental disorders and some other disciplines. Even if so, you still have a wide selection of subjects to be trained in.

So, to choose the right course, a student has to check up the timetable. There are several online sessions held in turns during the whole summer holidays. The first one usually starts in June and lasts till July, the second session takes the rest of the summer, starting in July and ending at the beginning of August.

Yale summer online: advantages

If you lack money or your summer plans don’t allow you to go to Yale to participate in its program directly, apply for online courses. Why?

  • First, because they give you an equal opportunity to get Yale credit as well as traditional courses
  • Secondly, because they are conducted by the same tutors and professors, who deliver classes to Yale students
  • Thirdly, because virtual classes are small, and allow each participant to be noticed
  • Finally, because it is convenient, easy and less expensive

Online program is a unique opportunity to visit Yale not to stir out of the house.